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with Dr. Danielle


6.30PM  – 7.00PM 

 “Conversations on the Couch”, is a conversational series focused on unpacking mental health topics like intentionality, managing anxiety, and cultivating emotional expression to help others feel more at ease as they have difficult conversations. It is a space where self-growth and increased understanding of mental health is fostered. 



Dr. Danielle is a Guyana-born, Brooklyn-bred Afro-Caribbean woman and clinical psychologist. She received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and MA in General Psychology from Adelphi University and her BA from St. John’s University. She works at Love & Kindness Wellness Services as a clinical psychologist, serving BIPOC clients from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, Dr. Danielle is an Associate Consultant for Bandelli and Associates.

As a coach and leadership advisor, she works with clients to ensure they successfully tap into their inner strength, resilience, and core capabilities. Her Caribbean heritage, coupled with her New York upbringing, affords her the ability to work well with different cultures and perspectives. Her interests lie in working with leaders who have concerns in various areas including but not limited to self-awareness, compassion, emotional intelligence, self-advocacy, and the imposter syndrome. Notably, her coaching style differs from most due to the utilization of both western and non-western strategies to achieve optimal results.

Dr. Danielle created the The Conversations on The Couch podcast to as a way to conquer her own anxiety and vulnerabilities, while uplifting the voices of Black women.

Start Your Mental Health Journey

I want to offer a gentle reminder that information found on this website and on our podcast  episodes, as well as anything you find on my social media channels, is not meant to replace a relationship with a mental health therapist. If you desire to start a relationship with a licensed mental health professional but do not know where to start,  check out Love & Kindness Wellness Services, to explore how to begin your own journey.